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Is your business prepared for a storm?

Interim Managers – Superheroes on demand!

Jorma Minkkinen 03. June, 2016


According to The European Interim Report the five most common situations to where there is a lack of managerial resources are:

  1. When leading through a major change
  2. When leading a turnaround or crisis management project
  3. When implementing a relocation project or a new product launch
  4. When the organization has a temporary shortage of skills and competencies
  5. When bridging time

Interim management is a cost efficient solution to solving fast changing or unexpected situations. With K2 search’s capacity and expertise in finding the right Interim Manager you are able to find new managerial capacity in the whole Nordic region.

At the moment we have over 100 interim managers working with different kind of client projects over the Nordics. When things happen overnight, you need to have a partner who you can trust will help you to solve the situation fast.

How do you prepare a company for the inevitable? Have you calculated the risk?

Contrary to what you might believe, companies tend to lose their leaders in difficult or critical situations. If you’re not prepared something like that will hit you hard.

Globalization, digitalization, financial crisis, acceleration of urbanization, risky world trade and climate change. Do you know anyone who can run a successful business in such an environment?

Whom do you trust in an emergency?

The challenges we are facing are faster, harder to understand and will be even harder to turn into possibilities than 20 years ago. Nothing seems to last and we are sitting ducks on a boat heading for a storm. Whom do you trust to make the decisions?

Soon all leaders are Project Managers

Life as a Manager or leader is already more or less a project that keeps changing. They need to ask themselves everyday “Where are we going in the near future? How do we achieve the short term goals? What’s the perfect balance between long and short term?”

As a leader you should head for the long term, but all are measured on the short term as well. It’s a paradox that keeps feeding itself. The world is full of information to be used but we don’t have the resources to use it. Life as a Manager as we know it is gone for good.

Have you got the right talent for the task?

To have a specialist for every detail is just not the case anymore. We need to find management stars, mature and high level professionals. Someone who has the management and leadership capabilities as well as the ability to learn, teach and enlighten others to continuous development. While organizations are kept flat, we still need to run our businesses efficiently. So what’s learnt on the way can be implemented on the go.

To hire an Interim Manager is often a good choice in critical situations.

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